carpal tunnel zine–out now!

June 27, 2008 at 4:48 pm (buy my zine!, non-fiction)

zine cover

(sorry about the shitty scan, i’m at work and i have to be at least somewhat covert about what i’m doing.)

yes! after about 3 months of off-and-on work, the zine is done! i wrote it because i fucked my wrists up this spring while washing dishes for $, and every carpal tunnel book i checked out of the library was about how to re-arrange your cubicle more ergonomically or some shit. what about us people stuck behind dish sinks, cash registers, stripper poles, handlebars, drills and the like? this zine is my attempt at bridging the gap. the subtitle, in case you can’t read it, says “a zine about carpal tunnel, tendonitis, and how to keep yr job from ruining yr life.” that’s a pretty good description of the contents. i tried hard to make this possibly boring subject as non-boring as possible.

it’s $2. (or $1+2 stamps or a trade, for those of you who want to “keep it real”)

send that to:
ocean capewell
p.o. box 40144
pittsburgh, pa 15201

distros and info-shop workers, please get in touch! i am very into this being spread far and wide.



  1. Eric said,

    I just saw this hanging on the window at Big Idea–you are going places my lad!

  2. candace said,

    Hi Ocean,

    Your zines are fantastic! I’ve tracked them down through Papertrail distro. I think ‘It’s not the end of the world’ is such an important zine and was hoping you’d like to stock it with Sticky zine shop in Australia. Please email on Also, all the info (and the stockist form) is on the site:
    Thanks! xx Candace

  3. sves said,

    hey ocean,

    i found yr zine off riot grrr zine distro and i am sending you a zine of mine for a trade for this zine. i’m gonna be sending it off soon.


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