high on burning photographs #4!

January 27, 2009 at 3:36 pm (buy my zine!)

…is out now. here’s what the cover looks like!


this one’s about sobriety & betrayal, singlehood, the bizarre ways that ACT-UP inadvertantly trickled into my suburban childhood, tough girls, wacky stories, inspiration & a whole lot more. here is the first page of the intro, as a teaser:


it’s going to be $1, or two stamps, or a trade, via the USPS. sorry, i can’t send out any free zines anymore–postage rates have gone way up this year (it’s more than just the penny increase to stamps–the USPS has all sorts of sneaky ways to make mailing certain things more expensive, which is a huge blow to independent publishers [from zinesters to publishing houses] and prison book programs, which are two of the reasons i get up in the morning. oh, i could go on & on, but i won’t) and i am broke like everyone else.

if you’re in pittsburgh, just ask & i’ll give you one.

i don’t take paypal, so send stamps/well concealed cash to:

ocean capewell

po box 40144

pittsburgh, pa 15201 (if you know my home address, feel free to use it)

i love trades! zines, mix tapes, smiling vegetables, candy, etc.



  1. Kim Mitchellz said,

    You’re a zinester forever. It blowz my mind! I love it, and I love you. I gotta read this.

  2. jess said,

    Hey! Yr zine is great. I’d love to have a copy, and if you want, i could put one in the Oberlin College zine library, too.

    I’ve recently gotten into baking vegan breads and desserts. Could we make a swap? Any dietary restrictions?


  3. jess said,

    Oh, and I’m in Pgh this summer, so we can swap in person!

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